Global demand for energy has reached historic highs with continued growth forecasted.  While working to meet this ever growing demand, energy providers are simultaneously feeling pressure from national, state, and local governments, regional organizations, shareholders, and the public at large to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.  Last year, 64% of US power was generated from fossil fuels with approximately two-thirds of the fuel burned to generate power lost in the generation and delivery process at a cost of $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy.


Our Approach

Green Energy Solutions renewable energy investment strategy provides structured credit facilities to firms that are working to modernize the electric grid, develop and enhance low-carbon and renewable energy projects, and improve the infrastructure that underlies the places we live and work.  We seek to provide structured credit facilities to renewable energy firms and assets that align with the renewable energy initiatives, priorities, and regulatory environment of the state(s) in which the renewable energy assets are located.

What We Invest In

We invest in the following types of Renewable Generation projects:

We also invest in other types of renewable generation projects on a case by case basis, if you would like us to review your project feel free to contact us.


The generation, transmission, and distribution of energy plays a vital role in all aspects of modern society and is critical for maintaining and improving our standards of living. As populations shift and economies develop and grow, meeting the demand for energy will remain a key challenge. Population growth, economic and market pressures, and evolving political and regulatory mandates, all require the energy sector to do more with less.  The challenge of achieving the intersecting goals of reducing costs, improving resiliency and reliability, maintaining security, and minimizing carbon emissions can only be met with fundamental changes to the way we generate, manage, deliver, and consume energy.  With these challenges however come significant opportunities.  Green Energy Solutions stands ready to partner with energy sector members in developing solutions needed in a landscape of rapid technological innovation and shifting systems of energy development and distribution.



United States Energy Snapshot

U.S. CO2 Emissions By Source

32% Buildings  -  37% Power  - 31% Transportation




100 —

Quadrillion BTUs ("Quads") of energy produced in the US last year.


80% —

The Amount of that energy that was generated from fossil fuels.


60% —

The amount of that energy that was wasted to system inefficiencies.


$1.2 Trillion —

The cost of those losses to the US Economy.



Grade assigned by the ASCE to the condition of US energy infrastructure.


$100 Billion

Expected annual investment gap in energy infrastructure in the US by 2020.