Cost Effective Compliance and Voluntary REC Solutions for LSEs

Streamlined Process

With our forward thinking and proactive view of the REC market, we provide our LSE clients access to dependable and cost-efficient RECs, while simplifying their REC compliance regime. Clients gain better visibility and control of their requirements while reducing their cashflow burden and removing uncertainty from the equation. Through our specialized customer portals, LSEs can upload data, sign contracts, pay invoices, and more.

Cost Savings

With our long-term service agreements, we enable LSEs to not only reduce their REC compliance costs, but also free up their team’s time previously spent seeking one-off transactions throughout the year to comply with state by state requirements. Through our financing partnership with Behalf, we offer our clients the ability to finance their REC costs**, offsetting cyclical cashflow constraints, providing the financial flexibility needed to run their day to day business.

Compliance Automation

We offer multiple ways to connect with us automatically, the easiest of which is our optional API integration solution. Through our API option, we can plug into an LSE’s system and automatically extract their load data on a monthly basis. This allows our clients to focus their attention on what matters most, running their business!

As a firm with Wall St. experience, we have a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector financial markets and the regulatory framework within the Renewable Energy Certificate space*. As such, we have developed a strategic market position that enables us to provide LSEs with cost effective RECs for their state RPS compliance requirements.

Our Philosophy:

Experience Is Not Enough!

Our philosophy is that experience AND relationships are critical when engaging in the Renewable Energy Certificate marketplace. We here at Green Energy Solutions are dedicated to leveraging our experience and the relationships we have built in the renewable energy space to provide our clients lower costs with built-in price stability and the ability to be proactive with current and future compliance requirements. With each state and ISO having their own rules and requirements, it can be stressful and time consuming for LSEs to keep up with their compliance requirements, while procuring the RECs required presents its own set of challenges. Our primary goal is to automate the REC compliance process and lock in low cost pricing that is stable and predictable, so our clients can focus on the things that really matter in their businesses.

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