The Tesla Model 3 continued to dominate U.S. electric and hybrid car sales in May 2019, according to More than half of the electric vehicles sold during the month were Tesla 3s. The next highest selling EV or hybrid was the Toyota Prius Prime

Sales of pure EVs and hybrids were up 11.7 percent in May compared with the same month of 2018. Contrast that with sales of new U.S. autos overall, which were down about 1.8 percent for the month compared with the prior year, according to

Following are the best-selling EVs in 2019, their sales in May and April, and their year-to-date sales:

VehicleMayAprilYear to date
Tesla Model 3*13,95010,05046,425"
Toyota Prius Prime*1,9141,3997,461
Chevrolet Bolt EV*1,3969106,622"
Tesla Model X*1,3751,0506,275
Nissan LEAF1,2169514,852"
Tesla Model S*1,0258255,475"
BMW 530e*8674162,509"
Audi e-tron8562531,109"
Honda Clarity PHEV*8169815,513"
BMW i3 (BEV + REx)4393311,734
Chevrolet Volt*4084053,333
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid*3903472,145
Kia Niro PHEV*3292451,588
Jaguar I-Pace2662371,111
Volkswagen e-Golf2644001,527
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV2321631,026"
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid*170155830"
Ford Fusion Energi*NA5852,326"
Mercedes GLC 350e*NA220541
Mercedes C350e*NA173593

* Estimated

Source (used with permission):

While electric vehicles generally are more expensive than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, the low operating cost – and the environmental benefits – have made them popular. Green Energy Solutions will continue to monitor sales throughout 2019.