Green Energy Solutions provides full-service REC procurement and compliance services, with a focus on renewable energy investments.

Who We Are:

Green Energy Solutions is a privately held renewable energy advisory and brokerage firm whose mission is to "Create a Sustainable Tomorrow, Today!" We help businesses of all sizes in deregulated energy markets throughout the United States and abroad comply with Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) requirements through strategic partnerships with renewable energy generators around the country. We develop and execute cost effective REC compliance solutions for Load Service Entities (LSEs) in all deregulated jurisdictions globally.

Green Energy Solutions is an EPA Green Power Partner, U.S. Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program Participant, Green-e Member, Green Button Alliance Member, North American Registries (NAR) Member, NYGATS Member, PJM-EIS GATS Member, NEPOOL GIS Member, MIRECS Member, NC-RETS Member, RECS International Member and TIGRs Registry Member.

How We Work:

Our team will educate you about the market, explain your options, and serve as an unbiased resource you can trust and depend on. We strive to simplify the process of REC compliance for all our clients through automation and proactive actions in the market. With our strategic relationships with both renewable energy generators and multiple regulatory bodies, Green Energy Solutions is uniquely capable in our capacity to both procure cost effective RECs and assist with regulatory compliance maintenance.

Our finely tuned Process, plus our technology minded approach is designed to save you time and money. Through our partnership with Behalf, we are able to offer you financing for your REC transaction cost.* Contact us today and we’ll show you how to reduce your REC compliance costs and plan for your future REC needs.  Green Energy Solutions is your single source for Renewable Energy Credit compliance and procurement for all deregulated jurisdictions in the United States.

Our Philosophy:

Experience Is Not Enough!

Our philosophy is that experience and relationships are critical when engaging in the Renewable Energy Certificate marketplace. We here at Green Energy Solutions are dedicated to leveraging our experience and the relationships we have built in the renewable energy space to provide our clients lower costs with built-in price stability and the ability to be proactive with current and future compliance requirements. With each state and ISO having their own rules and requirements, it can be stressful and time consuming for LSEs to keep up with their compliance requirements, while procuring the RECs required presents its own set of challenges. Our primary goal is to automate the REC compliance process and lock in low cost pricing that is stable and predictable, so our clients can focus on the things that really matter in their businesses.

*Subject to Behalf approval and underwriting criteria


The first step is to conduct a footprint and load analysis, then formulate a compliance proposal.


The next stage is to prepare a detailed plan that includes strategies for current and future REC needs.


Finally, automation is implemented to ensure ongoing compliance requirements are maintained.

Ready to Automate REC Compliance?