We Provide Friction-Free REC Compliance Solutions for Load Service Entities (LSE's) and Renewable Energy Generation Investments in Deregulated Markets in the United States and Abroad!

As a firm with Wall St. experience, we have a deep understanding of the global renewable energy sector financial markets and the regulatory framework within the Renewable Energy Certificate space. As such, we have developed a strategic market position that enables us to provide LSEs with cost effective RECs for their state RPS compliance requirements, as well as, their voluntary REC add ons.

We readily source lending opportunities within the renewable energy generation space and structure financial packages that work for the asset owner while adequately protecting our investment by mitigating downside risk.

More Than A Lender

At Green Energy Solutions we take a "Strategic Partnership" approach with those we invest in. We believe in leveraging the strength of our relationships and experience to help the renewable generation firms in our lending portfolio grow, scale and succeed!

You Can't Read Experience!

Our team in conjunction with our network of strategic, sector-based relationships in both the financial and renewable energy sector make us a formidable and experienced long term partner. Whether you are an LSE looking for cost-effective Compliance RECs or a Renewable Generation Firm looking for a savvy, long term lending relationship; we have a solution for you.